About Us

We are a small family operated business that originated from trips with family and friends. Making beef jerky as a handy snack while vacationing, camping, hiking, biking, boating, etc… grew into making jerky not only for ourselves but for the family and friends that would join us. We noticed that when trips were being planned by others, we always made the invite list and always asked if our jerky was coming with us. After years of making jerky for family and friends, and seeing the excitement it brought others who knew we would be bringing more, we finally decided it was time to grow our base and add more jerky lovers to our group of family and friends. It was then that we decided to take our personal hobby to the next level and make it a small business venture so we could provide jerky to all who would enjoy it as we did.


We hope you will join our group of family and friends and enjoy our jerky as much as we do. Cowboy Up!